Energy security

The concept of energy security is a new concept, as “Churchill” is the first to introduce a definition of this concept when it pointed out that: “Energy security lies in diversity and diversity only”.[1] By his definition, he intended to emphasize the diversification of energy sources and not to rely on one source.

The traditional approach to dealing with the issue of energy security also focused on supply security by seeking to ensure adequate production of energy sources at moderate prices, focusing mainly on the core of energy security that lies in securing the entry of oil and other fuels, because energy security for any A state can only be achieved in one case, which is to have sufficient and safe energy resources.

The concept of energy security by energy importers from the major industrialized countries revolves around their priorities to avoid interruptions in energy supplies, in addition to diversifying sources and securing the infrastructure of producing countries to help deliver energy to international markets, relying on technology to reduce consumption.

Whereas, the producers of energy resources believe that energy security is through reaching acceptable prices in the global energy market, the presence of consumer markets, and the development of infrastructure for the oil facility.

For strategies to achieve secure energy resources, almost all industrialized countries adopt an energy security policy based on common several strategies and methods: diversification of energy resources and not dependence on a single source, considering the energy issue is a national security issue that must be protected by all means including the military means, and diversification of energy imports such as the tendency to energy production Through renewable energy and pipelines from various sources, reducing dependence on Middle East oil, ensuring stability in the major oil-producing countries, and finally ensuring cheap oil prices.

Finally, about the question of if the global energy mix and current energy prices have effects on the global energy security, I believe that the global energy mix and current energy prices have effects on the global energy security, first, the mix of energy achieves many advantages for the countries that adopt it, where (the advantages) are to achieve financial stability and reduce the pressure on energy and depletion of energy for the longest possible period, and reduce environmental pollution resulting from the increase in pressure on depleted energy, and achieve social justice between the current generations and futuristic, so It enhances the energy security of these countries, this is for the mix energy. For current prices, I believe that the current prices of oil, and in light of their decline, will force the importing countries to think about how to use the low prices to achieve energy security. The importing countries will use the low prices to store a large amount of oil and gas or make long-term contracts for energy supplies, which enhances the energy security of this Countries for as long as possible.

[1] 2- Khadija Arafa Muhammad, Energy Security and its Strategic Effects, Riyadh: Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 1st edition, 2014, p. 52.